Greeneration Indonesia (GI) is a sustainable organization that focused on environmental issues. Started with an idea in 2005

ECOXYzTEM Venture builder

Ecoxyztem is a venture builder that provides universities, early stage startups, investors and climate aware consumers with collaboration platform to tackle climate issue.

greeneration foundation

Greeneration Foundation (GF) is a non-governmental organization focusing on waste management issues by utilizing creative media in improving people’s behavior to implement Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) in Indonesia. We are based in Bandung with a representative team in Jakarta, Indonesia. We collaborate with government, environmental organization, and grassroot community.


Waste4Change is an entrepreneurship that provides solutions to waste problems, with the principles of behavior change and responsible management with a mission to create an Indonesian society that is responsible for their waste. Waste4Change’s four core businesses include consulting, campaigning, collecting, and creating.

solusi banjir

Social entrepreneurship focused on providing solutions to reduce flooding and control rainwater.

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