Pasar Greeneration (Logo link to

Pasar Greeneration is a business that provide souvenir and focuses on environmentally friendly lifestyle products towards Sustainable Consumption and Production.

  PlasticReborn (Logo link to

PlasticReborn is a business that recycling of plastic bottle waste into useful items.

  baGoes (Logo link to

baGoes is a business that provide tools to reducing single use of plastic bag.

Bale Tau (Logo link to

Bale Tau is a place of activity which was established in 2013 in Batukaras, West Java-Indonesia. This place was created to be a center of creative education by prioritizing environmental aspects as the basis.

Roda Ria (Logo link to

Roda Ria is an entity that focuses on issues of education and cycling campaigns as one of the environmentally friendly behavioral activities.

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